Project Description:
This research project evaluated side-view cameras and interior screens for replacing side-view mirrors. Researched areas included general driver comfort with the concept, desired angle of view (balancing reduction of blind spots against excessive distraction of the sides of the car whisking by), best positioning of cameras, best positioning of screens inside the car, and other factors. We also identified key issues to be addressed in further improving digital side-view mirrors for more acceptance and better usability.

We also designed multiple visual methods for calling the driver’s attention to hazards in the digital side-view mirrors and compared them with each test subject. From this, we were able to also propose ways to digitally enhance things to call the driver’s attention to them.

My Role:
I was the lead user experience designer for this project from beginning to end. I also did interaction design for all the aspects, oversaw the creation of the test script, participated in the internal evaluation and user tests, and the final recommendations.
Examples from Throughout Project:
Test Setup on Vehicle:

Internal Evaluation:
Individual User Notes:
Evaluation of All Usability Testing Results and Comments:
Excerpt from Full Test Report:
A report with a full set of recommendations and other notes -- which also included six novel hazard augmentation recommendations for the digital views that I cannot show here -- delivered to a thrilled internal customer:
And a $100 million contract for Bosch with a large European truck company, closed in part due to the UX research report included with it, according to the sales rep.
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