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Anil Merchant
Senior Product Manager at drive.ai
Chip worked with Anil in the same group
June 2, 2019

Chip was the lead designer on every product I worked on across the AV ecosystem at drive.ai, which speaks volumes towards his technical aptitude and ability to work on a variety of complex products. He approached every new challenge methodically and had an uncanny ability to understand the business and user need at a high level and ask the right questions prior to zooming in and perfecting every minute detail. Our conversations, both professional and personal, were always stimulating and enjoyable and his optimistic nature was refreshing! It was a relief knowing I never had to stress much about the design component of a new product or feature knowing Chip was leading the way. I'd highly recommend Chip to lead design anywhere else and would gladly work together with him again.

Scott Rossi
Senior Visual Designer at drive.ai
Scott reported directly to Chip
March 14, 2019

I've had the genuine pleasure of working with Chip for over 9 months at Drive.ai, as part of the company's design group. His management style is the most effective I have experienced, setting challenging but reasonable goals for his team that drive business value, goals that he communicates with clarity, politeness, and respect. Beyond management, Chip is a talented and seasoned UX designer who is fanatical about wireframing and process flow. His thorough diagramming keeps all parties of a project informed and on track, but he welcomes counter viewpoints and alternative opinions, his goal being to make the project as successful as possible. Most of all, I admire Chip’s appreciation of design, and his drive to champion quality design at all levels. If all else fails, Chip will throw out a groan-worthy pun that gets everyone smiling. Over the years, I've consulted with dozens of companies, and Chip easily gets my highest recommendation as a team leader. Chip is a super talented UX designer, a fantastic colleague, and the perfect manager to lead a design group. 

Thomas Cardoza
Senior UI/UX Designer at Harman International (A Samsung Company)
Chip worked with Thomas in the same group
September 12, 2018

Chip is an excellent leader and project manager. He leads projects from concept to final delivery with quick feedback and accurate detail. His personality really shines through within a team environment. I had the opportunity to work closely with Chip on several projects that were first displayed at CES 2017. He is so easy to work with while also giving decisive leadership and direction. His wireframes are clear and easy to translate into the visual design. Chip has clear communication between teams to help conceptualize his thoughts while also listening to others thoughts and ideas to advance his own designs. I enjoyed working with Chip because I learned a lot from him in UX design and the automotive industry.

Nebojsa Visnjic
Design Group Manager, Design Systems GMC/Chevy/Buick at General Motors
Chip worked with Nebojsa in the same group
February 13, 2016

I have worked with Chip for two years at Bosch. My initial conversations with him and the comfort I felt with him when interviewing were a significant part of my decision to join the company. In the time we have worked together, I have not only been impressed with his interaction design and team leadership qualities, but how willing he always is to help others by providing good UX input on another projects. He similarly is also welcoming of input from others on his projects, and incorporates good ideas readily and with appropriate credit. Chip brings a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and warmth to the job, looking for the best in people, always striving to be fair to everyone, and truly caring. Having seen his customer presentations and UX design classes first hand, I think he could have a very successful career in teaching or doing sales presentations if he felt so inclined, but I know his love of design keeps him where he is, and he excels at that as well.

Tatiana Mamaeva
Head of UX at WATTx
Tatiana reported directly to Chip
September 4, 2014

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor — but I did when I worked for Chip. With many years of experience managing design teams, he is extremely enthusiastic about his work, which makes him easy to work with. He always has a creative, positive outlook and he is good at organizing and bringing people together. His presentation style is open, engaging, and thorough. Beyond his role, Chip is ready to provide a helping hand wherever necessary. I recommend him highly.

Valerie Suares
Community Partner Relations
Valerie worked with Chip in different groups
January 12, 2013

It has been my sincere pleasure working with Chip Alexander while at the Research and Development Labs at Robert Bosch LLC. Chip is committed to the success of the team and an excellent team player, able to pull the best out of every team member working with him. During the short time we worked together, Chip demonstrated great flexibility in the diverse set of roles he played. He is an excellent communicator and an outstanding dedicated leader, with a keen ability to define and implement strategic initiatives. Chip is very easy to work with and my only hope is for our professional paths to cross again as I admired and was impressed with his drive, determination, and tenaciousness. Fortunate will be those who have Chip on their team.

Michael Radosti
Senior User Experience Designer
Chip worked with Michael in the same group
December 15, 2009

Chip seems to have mastered the most important tool required for successful UI design - listening - to stakeholders, to colleagues and to end users. He carefully considers all possible input and consequently his design sensibilities are always spot on. He has continued to push himself throughout his career, to broaden his horizons and learn new techniques and new technologies. Chip approaches every challenge with humility and confidence and he always gets the job done right.

Devjani Ray
Principal Software Developer at Oracle Corporation
Devjani worked with Chip in different groups
November 11, 2009

Chip and I started working together when he was the UI architect and project lead for the Sun Web Application toolkit. He is a talented designer with a keen eye for detail. Chip is also very meticulous and well-organized, making him an excellent team leader. He deals with everyone in a professional manner, responding extremely well to criticism and making every attempt at seeing another persons point of view, even when it is contrary to his own view. Chip is also excellent at resolving contentious issues that arise in a meeting - often following up with the individuals afterward to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the resolution. Another quality of Chip that is particularly pleasing is the way he goes out of his way to give credit to others. He is always the first to acknowledge others' contribution, however small. Chip takes pride in his work and brings a positive attitude to every project. I highly recommend Chip.

Kartik Mithal
Vice President User Experience at SAP
Kartik managed Chip directly
November 3, 2009

Chip is one of the go-to designers in our group. Every now and again, we get projects that are large, and difficult in two ways. They involve multiple teams, often located in different countries, and they involve learning a new domain. Chip is one of the designers that we can put on these projects, and he takes the tasks on willingly. He firmly takes control of the UE aspects of the project, and very quickly builds credibility with the teams he works with. He doesn't need close supervision, which is a boon to a manager. He works well both alone and with other designers, and his designs are very solid.

Karen Stanley
Sr. User Experience Designer at Cisco Systems, Inc.
Chip worked with Karen in the same group
June 23, 2009

I worked with Chip on a variety of projects at Sun Microsystems. We worked most closely on creating the Sun Web Application guidelines. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Chip. Chip is passionate about his work, thorough, organized, very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. He is also tremendously reliable, delivering his work on time and with high-quality. He develops great working relationships with his colleagues, spreads his energy and passion to others, and has wonderful leadership skills. Any team at any company would be lucky to have Chip as a team lead or team member, and I would always be happy to be on a team that includes Chip in either capacity.

Stephen Cordeiro
Program Manager / Project Manager / People Manager
Stephen managed Chip directly
October 15, 2008

I can't say enough good things about Chip. He is diligent and professional. He is responsive and hardworking. He is strategic, yet has great focus on details as well as the big picture. He is trustworthy and discrete. Chip is inclusive both as a team leader and a team member. I could rely on him to take on difficult assignments with calmness and grace. He presents very well to executives inside and outside the company. We were always able to have high-level professional conversations and enjoyable casual conversations. If I were starting a company with my own money, Chip is one of the first people I would hire.

Stephen Ruiz
Director - User Experience, Customer Experience, and Digital Strategy
Stephen reported directly to Chip
July 28, 2008

As a direct report to Chip at Bidcom/Citadon, I learned many of the primary principals I use today as an Experience Architect. His ability to lead, his capacity to create highly engaging and user-friendly web experiences and his ability to clearly convey complexity puts Chip in a league of his own. Not only does he hold a patent for a system and method for rendering on-screen iconic buttons, but he's genuinely great to work with.

Jenya Gestrin
Lead UX Designer at CyberCube
Jenya reported directly to Chip
July 16, 2008

I worked under Chip's management at Bidcom. He is a great manager and organizer who always brings a positive attitude to every project his team is working on. He inspires others to stretch beyond what they thought they could do. He listens carefully and disagrees constructively. Chip is a thorough and insightful designer and has a great eye for detail. On top of all, Chip is a very fun person to be around. I am very happy to work with Chip again at Sun!

Soraya Younossi
Creative Director
Chip worked with Soraya in the same group
March 4, 2008

I have worked with Chip extensively for many years. His enthusiasm and commitment to a given project energizes and engages his peers. His ability to lead and yet remain supportive and open minded to alternative design solutions is what makes him exceptional in a team setting. Chip will always go the extra distance to help make a project successful.

Bryce Glass
Product Manager at CoverMyMeds
Chip worked with Bryce in the same group
August 15, 2006

At the time I worked with Chip, he was responsible for designing (then evangelizing) common UI components intended to work across a wide range of web-based products and interfaces. That role took an enormous amount of creativity, tact and diplomacy, and Chip handled it all with a smile. He demonstrates leadership by example, and is a very mature, very seasoned professional.

Barry Klawans
Software Architect at Glassdoor.com
Chip worked with Barry in the same group
August 10, 2006

I worked closely with Chip at Bidcom - I was responsible for all the back end systems and he was responsible for the design of the customer facing portions. Chip could consistently take a quick look at a screen mock up and immediately come up with several ways to improve it, with thoughtful reasons for each change. Definitely the best UI Architect I have ever worked with.
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