Project Description:
We created a mobile application to order rides in our car, much like Uber or Lyft. However, our current rides, unlike those services, are among a fixed set of locations in the cities served. As a result, asking people to enter an address they want to go to would be misleading as they have to go to one of those fixed locations, and ride to another. We therefore created an interface which allowed users to simply tap on the stop at which they wanted to be picked up and then tap on the stop at which they wanted to be dropped off.
My Role:
I led this project from beginning to end, including researching existing applications, participating in defining requirements, creating the wireframes myself, overseeing the visual design (done by my talented visual designer Scott Rossi), leading usability testing of the app, adjusting the design based on user feedback, and testing again repeatedly. I also worked throughout with development, prioritizing the features and issues with our users in mind, for both its iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) implementations.
Examples from Throughout Project:
Wireframes - Done in Axure:
Visual Design, Which the Implementation Matches:
We achieved 95% of people who said it was easy to book a ride in their surveys, despite the unusual interaction due to the current limitations, and we strive to get it higher still over time.

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